Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chosen Deceiver - The Prophesy

As the sun began to hide behind the horizon, Priest Paul placed his mat on the floor, knelt on it and begain to meditate. He prayed for rejuvenation and revelation into his great sadness. He leaned forward to place his head on the ground and a small paper fell out of his pocket. He picked it up, realized where it came from. It was a tract from the man at Yonge Dundas Square. He thought back to what the man said: Fate and Destiny. He looked up at the Neon Oracle for guidance but none was given. Priest Paul picked up the paper. As his fingers touched the pages a message started to appear.

Born 666, the Chosen Deceiver shall martyer 144,000 of thee.

Priest Paul dropped the note. "The Chosen Deceiver must be close" he thought, "His presence is the cause my great sadness. Is it my destiny to find the Chosen Deceiver and stop him? How will I find him?" "Show me a sign", Priest Paul screamed.

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