Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fate or Destiny?

Waves of light beamed through the stained glass window to create a warped kalidoscope of colors below. Priest Paul sat silently on his mat. "Are we all predestined or do we have a choice?", he whispered to himself. The Priest looked up at the Neon Oracle for wisdom. "Destiny is not by chance but by choice", it flashed. "What did the 144,000 do to deserve this?" the Priest questioned. The Neon Oracle simply repeated its message, "Destiny is not by chance but by choice." Priest Paul stared at the colors on the floor as they slowly changed locations as the sun set. The 144,000 were all born June 6, 2006. It had to be chance being born on that date.

All of the sudden the pattern changed. Priest Paul looked up to see Mary standing over him, a white halo around her face. "Bless you Mary", Priest Paul said as Mary reached forward and handed him her notebook. He opened it to the bookmarked page and smiled. "You answered my prayer", Priest Paul said, "Now I have the lsit of people to be saved." Mary looked at him puzzled. "Born 666, the Chosen Deceiver shall martyer 144,000 of them", Priest Paul replied, "but the question is who are the 144,000? You answered this question in your notebook."

Hearing the quote, Peter walked closer. He looked into Priest Paul's eyes, there was a dark look that he had never seen before, was it the look for evil or determination.
"What do we do now?" Peter asked. "We follow them on that date stated in the list. If we keep them alive until 12:01 am then we have saved them", Priest Paul insisted.

Peter decided it was determination and grabbed Priest Paul's hand. I look forward to working with you to stop this evil deed.